The Best Life

Engage with the God of Life in all of life!

You don’t have to compromise or be bored anymore.  There’s more.

We know you want to make a difference . . . be the difference.

Let’s lean into God and discover rich life.  Step up and advance in destiny.  Strap on a stubborn insistence for justice.   Breathe out some deliberate power-prayers.  Wisely prepare for future challenges.

Are you in?

We are passionate about awakening young adult leaders to this hour in history.

JOSEPH INTERNATIONAL exists to foster friendship with God and active justice through strategic prayer and training.  Our primary focus areas are:

  • Facilitate strategic prayer for global justice issues;
  • Support and equip others to lead and succeed with biblical values in their workplace or field settings;
  • Support and equip others to pursue holy love and prayer while living toward eternity.

We love equipping others in passion for Jesus Bridegroom, King and Judge; in enjoyable, effective prayer; and in end-time marketplace kingdom values.